Fix Limbus Company Code Error 14001

Kuber Sondhi

Fix Limbus Company Code Error 14001

Players of Limbus company have reported error code:14001, which is caused by to server or application issue. Our guide provides straightforward solutions to get you back into the game without the hassle of fixing error code:14001.

How to Fix Limbus Company Code Error 14001

If you’re getting error code 14001 in your Limbus Company game, then follow these 6 solutions to fix this issue.

Check Server Status

  • First, ensure the game’s servers are online. Server maintenance or outages can cause error code 14001.
  • Visit the Limbus Company forums or their official social media for updates.
  • If the servers are down, wait until they are back online before attempting other fixes.

Run as Administrator

  • Running the game with administrator privileges can be so helpful in most of the cases.
  • Right-click the game icon and select ‘Run as Administrator’ option to allow it to access full system.

Run as administration Setting
  • This action helps to overcome the problems that origin from permission related issues that results in error.

Verify Game Files

  • Files that are Corrupted or missing might trigger this error.
  • In your game library, right-click Limbus Company, go to properties, and select ‘Verify integrity of game files.’
  • This process will check for any missing or corrupted files and replace them.

Disable Steam Overlay

Enabling Steam Overlay Setting
  • Sometimes, the Steam overlay can interfere with game functions.
  • Go to Steam settings, navigate to ‘In-Game’, and uncheck ‘Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game.’
  • Disabling the overlay can prevent conflicts that may result in errors.

Check Your Firewall

  • Your firewall could be blocking the game resulting in the form of error.
  • Add Limbus Company to the list of allowed programs in your firewall settings to ensure it has network access.
  • You can also Temporarily disable your firewall to test if it’s causing the issue, but remember to enable it again for security.

Update Your System

Some users have fixed the error by updating their system. Update your system to the latest version to solve the error code 14001. One user has successfully fixed the issue by updating his system to Windows 11.


What is Error Code:14001 in Limbus Company?

Error Code 14001 typically indicates a server-related issue that prevents players from accessing the game. It can occur during server maintenance or unexpected outages.

Where Can I Find Solutions for Limbus Company Errors?

For common issues and fixes, the Steam Community forums are a great resource. But if you want specific fixes you can reach Fixrant.

Can Error Code:14001 Be Fixed by Players?

While some errors can be resolved by players, Error Code:14001 usually requires patience until the server issues are addressed by the game’s support team.

How Often Does Limbus Company Undergo Maintenance?

Maintenance schedules can vary, but updates are typically announced on the game’s official channels and community forums too.

Is There a Guide for New Limbus Company Players?

Yes, there are comprehensive guides available on platforms like GameFAQs and the Steam Community, which can help new players navigate the game’s complexities.

Where Can I Discuss Limbus Company Strategies and Tips?

The Limbus Company Discord community is an excellent place to connect with other players and discuss strategies and gameplay tips.

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