Escape from Tarkov Emercom Checkpoint Ground Zero

Lovekaran Singh

Escape from Tarkov Emercom Checkpoint Ground Zero

In Escape from Tarkov, the Ground Zero map is like a tough city battleground. The Emercom Checkpoint is an important place where players can escape, but it’s not easy. Follow this guide for a safe way out!

Trakov Emercom Checkpoint Guide

To use the Emercom Checkpoint, follow these guidelines:


The Emercom Checkpoint is nestled in the southwestern corner of Ground Zero, beyond the main road and past the junkyard. Look for the distinctive white van with a…less-than-lively companion nearby.


  • Scavs: You’re free to utilize this extraction point, making it a valuable asset for quick getaways.
  • PMCs: Prepare to pay a hefty fee in Roubles to access this escape route. The cost varies depending on your reputation with the traders, so be ready to shell out some cash.

Extraction Steps

  1. Navigate the Battlefield: Make your way to the Emercom Checkpoint parking lot, avoiding any unfriendly encounters along the way. Utilize cover and flanking maneuvers to stay undetected.
  2. Reach the Van: Once in the parking lot, head straight towards the white van in the farthest corner. Don’t be surprised by the less-than-pleasant sight – it’s part of the scenery.
  3. Activate Extraction: Approach the designated extraction zone (usually near the van) and activate the prompt. This will initiate the extraction process, so get ready for a quick getaway.

With careful planning, strategic movement, and a healthy dose of caution, you’ll be extracting with valuable loot in no time.

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